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Matt Kopera - Personal Trainer

Matt Kopera

Matt Kopera is an enthusiastic, reliable & motivational Personal Trainer with an extensive background in mixed martial arts (MMA), Thai Boxing and competitive sports in general.

Matt is active person with an interest in nutrition and physical activity and the positive effects upon the human body. This abiding passion has led Matt to strive to master the skills and knowledge to help his clients achieve their personal fitness goals.

Whether your goals are weight loss, bulking up/toning up, general fitness or aiming towards specific goal within sporting performance or competition, Matt can design a personalised, periodised, effective program that together with Matt’s motivational style will help you, the client attain your goals or discover a more healthy lifestyle. Matt accepts the challenge to motivate/support and push clients to their personal physical and mental limits to get noticeable results needed.

Matt is reliable and results driven trainer, with 100% dedication to achieving the client's health, fitness and performance goals.

Matt has experience in co-operation with the well respected MMA Academy in Liverpool and indeed trains many of his clients at the Bodyzone Strength & Conditioning Gym next door to the MMA Academy.

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