Incredible stories of people and how they changed their lives

Matt helped me feel fit and healthy again. I didn't have the confidence to go to the gym by myself and he helped me make exercise an important part of my life again. Not only did I see the difference in my figure but it made such a difference to my moods and general wellbeing. Thank you so much for your help Matt - I now feel so much more confident and happy.

- Gabriella Watkins

How to summarize a few months training with Matt - not one word. Initially I was skeptical. I've never used the services of any coach. After the meeting with Matt and determine the schedulewe started training. After a few weeks my body adapts to exercise in 100%. The weight began to change. I've lost 14 kgs and reduced my body fat percentage by 9%. I can't recommend Matt highly enough. Huge Thanks Matt

- Iwona Plonka

I have been training with Matt now for about two months. The first 3 weeks of training and following Matt's diet plan I gained 6.5 kgs of lean body mass. He pushes me to limits I couldn't imagine myself doing. He has really made a big difference in my life and improved my fitness for training mixed martial arts (MMA). I highly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle.

- Ryan Irwin


I was training with Matt through my last two fightcamps. Matt has helped me loads with my strength and conditioning, he's a experienced coach he knows his stuff. If you want to train and get fit guys hit him up.

- Chris Green


I've been training with Matt for a couple of weeks and already feeling a massive benefit and seeing results. I'd highly recommend his services.

- Lisa Evans

I am so happy I made the decision to start training with Matt, since I've been training with Matt I can see massive weight loss off my body and noticed muscle definition. After 6-7 weeks of training with Matt I have lost 17 kgs. His training methods and techniques are amazing and I would recommend Matt to anyone that wants a better and healthier way of living. 

- John Quan


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